A demographic
tsunami is upon us...

The Bond mission is grounded at the nexus of a once in a lifetime opportunity to create massive opportunity from what is today a looming demographic crisis.

As an entire generation of American business owners begin their transition to retirement, we align talent, technological prowess, deep operational experience, and capital to deliver solutions for investors and founders alike.

The numbers always tell the story.

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Bridging the gap between Small Business and Private Equity

Securing the right kinds of capital presents unique challenges to every business.

An optimal capital structure is inherently dependent upon the unique circumstances and objectives of a particular company owner, and as such developing that structure must be a customized process in order to provide real success.

How much equity do you need? How much debt can your company comfortably support? Is your cash flow constant and predicable? Questions like these are the first the Bond Growth team will address to help companies begin to navigate the capital markets as they seek to fund their growth and optimize their exit value. Once we understand your needs and goals, Bond draws upon its deep relationships with venture funds, private equity, family offices and private credit funds in order to provide you with the capital you need to achieve your objectives with minimal dilution.

Our investors access three distinct vehicles to participate in the superior earnings and capital gains available only through a professionalized approach to ownership in growing SMB.

Strategic Partnership

Direct Investment

Debt Solutions 

The BOND™ Accelerate Program

The BOND™ Growth Accelerate Program (“BGA”) deploys a radical approach to strategic partnership, backing high impact entrepreneurs who hold the promise of long-term success.

BGA is an early-stage investment program facilitating rapid funding of minority investments (typically with control option or warrant features) in a select group of founder/entrepreneurs who share the spirit of collaborative work toward our larger commitment to the SMB landscape.


Bond Growth Equity Fund

Our current GP sponsor vehicle, Bond Growth Equity Fund SMB (“BGE-SMB”) is a small-cap growth sponsor. BGE-SMB is actively investing in mutually supportive, founder operated businesses, generating between $2MM and $20MM in the B2B Services and Growth Technology spaces.

The fund supports both majority and minority investment.

Minimum: $500,000; must be accredited; diverse


Debt Financing

Non-dilutive offerings are used to supplement a company’s debt capacity beyond banks’ credit limitations and provide a substantially cheaper and less dilutive alternative to equity financing. 

Bond invests both equity and subordinated debt, sometimes owning an entire junior capital structure in change‐of‐control acquisitions and growth/non‐control transactions.

Investment size range: $5 to $25 million, will syndicate larger investments.


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